Open Records Request

Request for Records

  • In accordance with DGBA (Legal) and the Texas Public Information Act, I hereby request that copies of the following record of the District be made available for my inspection or duplication. I agree to pay the duplication costs at the rate adopted by the Board if the cost does not exceed $40.00. I understand that if the cost will exceed $40.00, I will receive an estimate of charges and will have the opportunity to modify or withdraw my request before any copies are made.

Copy charges are as follows

  • • Standard paper copy: 10¢ per page or part or of a page I 15¢ legal size paper 
    • CD $2.00 
    • Personnel Costs Incurred in processing a request: $l5.00 an hour 
    • Programmer Costs Incurred In executing/creating a program: $28.50 an hour 
    • Overhead fee: 20% of personnel cost for copies of 50 pages or more 
    • Address payment to:  Edgewood ISD, HR Department, 5358 W Commerce, San Antonio, Tx, 78237 or pay in person at the HR Department

Please Note

  • If a request is for 50 or fewer pages of paper records, the charge for providing the copies may not include costs of materials, labor, or overhead, but shall be limited to the photocopying costs, unless the pages are located in a separate building.


  • Date captured on form submission